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NE Indiana National Weather Service
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Allen County Indiana

Primary Repeater: 146.88

Secondary Repeater: 146.76


Allen County SKYWARN Information

Allen County SKYWARN Operations Manual download


The National Weather Service office at North Webster, Indiana is responsible for issuing warnings for 37 counties in three states.

The map below shows the primary frequency and backup frequency (if applicable) for each county. PL tones are in parenthesis.

Click on the map below for a full size view of it. The color codes show district organization that is no longer in use with each county reporting directly to North Webster

Current radar image from the North Webster Doppler

SKYWARN reporting criteria:

If you are a trained spotter watching the sky, here are the specific weather conditions the National Weather Service would like to know about:

1. Tornadoes, Funnel Clouds, and Wall Clouds (remember there must be rotation).
2. Winds 50 miles per hour or greater (donít report anything less unless the NWS specifically requests it).
3. Any Hail (Please report hail size as pea-size, dime, nickel, quarter, etc.).
4. Flooding in progress (rapid pooling of water on roadways, etc).
5. Storm damage (large trees, branches, structural damage, etc).
6. Weather-related injury or death.

Give your location as accurately as possible, and please use references such as towns or major roads.

Please do not report any other conditions unless specifically requested to do so by the net control station. After calling in your report, please remain on frequency for a few minutes in case the radar operator requests any additional information.

If you believe you have a reportable weather condition, but are not sure, report it anyway. Simply report your suspicions, say you are not sure, and indicate why you are not sure (reduced visibility due to heavy rain, poor visibility because of trees, youíre too far away, etc). There may be other spotters in the area who can check out your report, and your suspicions can also be checked out on radar. Thereís nothing wrong with making an honest mistake.

Please refrain from reports like "it is raining very hard on the west end of town" or "it is getting very windy over here".

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NE Indiana NWS office

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